What's New

  1. The Secret's Out: Introducing Hidden Prices

    New Feature

    Get ready, Enterprise customers – we've got something super special just for you today!



    With Hidden Prices, you have the ability to conceal item prices entirely. Concerned about customers or vendors getting a peek? Or maybe you simply want your team to stay on track without the hassle of dealing with numbers. Hidden Prices has you covered!


    To learn more about Hidden Prices, check it out here.



  2. Introducing Feature Previews!


    We've been hard at work on features and can’t wait to share them with you. So, why wait?

    Introducing Feature Previews, your ticket to accessing new features faster!

    First up: Purchase Orders for Ultra Plans!

    frill_POs (1)


    With this Feature Preview, Ultra customers can use Purchase Orders to go from low stock to reorder in record time, all in one place. Unlock access to your exclusive preview of Purchase Orders today!

    Feature Previews provide you with early access to features still-in-progress, so you can get more out of Sortly while we work to make the feature even better. Have questions? Take a look at our FAQs to learn more.



  3. Enhanced “Add Item via Scan” experience!

    New Feature

    Hey! We launched a big improvement and we’d love to share it with you. Introducing:

    Screen Recording Mar 6 (2)

    An improved “Add Item via Scan” experience!

    • Adding items via scan in Sortly’s mobile app makes replenishing your inventory effortless.
    • Now, when you add items by scanning an existing barcode, you can select from a dropdown of potential matches for the item, guaranteeing more accurate matches.


    Just scan the barcode, select the right item, and save.


    Not finding the item you’re looking for? Fill out this survey to tell us which vendors you purchase from frequently so we can include their catalog of items!


    Download the Mobile App (iOS/Android) and start scanning!





    Hey! We launched a big improvement and we’d love to share it with you. Introducing the new:

    Screenshot at Feb 22 11-41-41

    Now, customers on our paid plans (Advanced, Ultra, Enterprise) can access the new Saved Reports hub, making it easy to create and access customized Saved Reports!

     Get Started with Saved Reports 



  5. Introducing Purchase Orders

    New Feature

    You asked, we listened. We are excited to announce the launch of our most requested feature:

    Purchase Orders!


    Exclusive to the Enterprise plan, Purchase Orders enable you to create an order from your existing inventory, saving you time and money by helping you identify the correct item to re-order and reducing the chances of ordering the wrong item or quantity.


    To learn more about Purchase Orders, check it out here!



  6. Manage Alerts

    New Feature

    Introducing an all-new, streamlined hub for overseeing your alerts within Sortly! We are thrilled to present Manage Alerts, a feature designed to empower you with comprehensive control over your alerts. With Manage Alerts, you'll have the capability to effortlessly track alert-triggering frequency, pinpoint the last activation, identify the recipient of each alert, access concise descriptions for quick reference, and much more. This dynamic tab also grants you the power to make batch or individual adjustments to your alerts, delivering an enhanced and efficient alert management experience.




  7. Decimal Precision for Price Field


    We are happy to share with you the launch of the decimal precision for the price field. This enhanced precision provides users with an improved level of accuracy and customization to tailor the price display to match specific requirements for a more detailed decimal representation. For example, a customer who manages their prices for items and products based on weight.

    The setting can be found within the Company Details - General Settings page. The default setting for prices will be 2 decimal places with the option to select up to 6 decimal places.

    Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 9.07.40 AM

    Allow decimal point in the price field up to .000

    Allow decimal point in the price field to go to thousandth place. We use Sortly to inventory our raw materials which we measure in grams. A grams price value is very small (.007) but when you have 1,500,000 grams the value is substantial. We would like to track the value of our raw material inventory this way.

    Jennifer D
    Shipped 🚀



  8. Bulk Update Quantities to 0


    We are thrilled to introduce a nice upgrade to our Update Quantity, the ability to update quantities in bulk, designed to streamline inventory management for users looking to make changes quickly on the fly. This feature allows you to select multiple items and adjust their quantities simultaneously with ease: either reset all selected items to a specific number or add/subtract a quantity in bulk to the existing amounts, saving time and reducing the effort required for individual entries. The intuitive interface promises a user-friendly experience, minimizing entries one-by-one and facilitating quicker adjustments, thus freeing up your time for other essential tasks.



  9. Multi-Account Access

    New Feature

    Multi-Account Access offers the ability for users to link up multiple instances of Sortly to a single super admin panel. This panel allows you to easily jump into the desired Sortly account of your choosing. Each instance of Sortly would be unique (e.g. different locations), meaning users can create their own custom fields, build out their folders as needed, invite relevant users, and more. Please reach out to our team to see a demo and learn more about Multi-Account Access.



  10. Enhanced Item Experience


    We're excited to share with you all the new Item Details page, carefully crafted to elevate your user experience. With a more streamlined layout, well-organized sections, and versatile edit and view modes, data management has never been more intuitive. The view mode further enhances your interactions by hiding empty custom fields (with an option to reveal more fields), effectively eliminating unnecessary scrolling. In this initial phase, the upgraded page is accessible only when opening an existing item, with wider availability coming soon. To ensure a smoother transition, we're introducing a toggle between the new and old experiences. Additionally, we've integrated item names and thumbnails into the "back" and "next" buttons, facilitating seamless navigation between inventory items.

    Screenshot at Sep 06 20-38-18