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Decimal Precision for Price Field


We are happy to share with you the launch of the decimal precision for the price field. This enhanced precision provides users with an improved level of accuracy and customization to tailor the price display to match specific requirements for a more detailed decimal representation. For example, a customer who manages their prices for items and products based on weight.

The setting can be found within the Company Details - General Settings page. The default setting for prices will be 2 decimal places with the option to select up to 6 decimal places.

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 9.07.40 AM

Allow decimal point in the price field up to .000

Allow decimal point in the price field to go to thousandth place. We use Sortly to inventory our raw materials which we measure in grams. A grams price value is very small (.007) but when you have 1,500,000 grams the value is substantial. We would like to track the value of our raw material inventory this way.

Jennifer D
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